Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa

Carpet Cleaning Costa MesaThe Specialist Complete Carpet Care is a full-service carpet cleaning and interior cleaning specialist that uses environmentally safe products to deep clean your carpets, removing allergens and debris that can cause illness.  The deep cleaning process leaves no chemical residue and we apply a sealant to reduce the amount of subsequent cleaning needed.

With over 15 years of experience in providing service to customers in the Costa Mesa area we can offer you our certified, licensed and fully insured services to help restore your carpet to its original beauty.  In addition to carpet cleaning, we also provide:

Maintain the beauty of your investment by calling the experts for deep cleaning that is environmentally safe and allergen free.

carpet cleaning costa mesaAs an environmentally conscious society we are constantly searching for greener solutions for cleaning and maintaining our homes.  The Specialist Complete Carpet Care is committed to protecting the environment by utilizing only environmentally safe cleaning solutions that are mild and leave no residue, so contact us for your next carpet cleaning.  Costa Mesa is a commerce based city in Orange County that is also the home of the LEED Platinum certified Green home.  The Costa Mesa Green home is a modern adaptation of the traditional California Craftsman style home.

As an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified renovator and flooring professional The Specialist CCC is committed to using products that are mild, allergen free and contribute towards sustainability.  The cornerstone of our business is integrity, quality and professionalism.  If you’re looking for a safe solution for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs we are the ones to choose.  We will come to your home and assess your cleaning needs free of charge explaining in detail our methods and cleaning products.  Don’t trust your cleaning needs to just anyone, go with the best. So when you are looking for a top tier local company to do your carpet cleaning, Costa Mesa serving The Specialist CCC has everything you need.