Carpet Cleaning Long Beach

Carpet Cleaning Long BeachThe Specialist Complete Carpet Care is a full-service carpet cleaning and interior cleaning specialist that uses environmentally safe products to deep clean your carpets and upholstery.  Our small water damage services are complete and the deep cleaning process used leaves no cleaning residue and is designed to minimize drying time.

With over 15 years of experience in providing service to customers in the Long Beach area we can offer you our certified, licensed and fully insured services to help restore your carpets to their original beauty.  In addition to carpet cleaning we also provide:

Maintain the beauty of your carpets by calling the experts for deep cleaning and small water repair damage that is environmentally safe and allergen free.

carpet cleaning long beachLong Beach California is a coastal city that borders Orange County and is dubbed the seventh largest city in California.  As a hotspot for the maritime industry the area wields a substantial influence on the global economy.  As one of the largest shipping ports in the United States, Long Beach has attracted the attention of many corporations that now call it their home like Epson America, Molina Healthcare and SCAN Health Plan.  The Specialist Complete Carpet Care doesn’t only cater to residential customers, we also offer a full array of professional services to our commercial customers as well.  Among this full gambit of services is commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, boat carpet and upholstery cleaning and water damage repair.  As certified carpet and interior cleaning professionals with over 15 years of experience we restore the beauty and cleanliness of your office carpet, hardwood floors and upholstery utilizing environmentally safe cleaning agents that are allergy-free leaving no residue.

We are the number one carpet and cleaning specialists in the greater Orange County and it is our pleasure to provide these services to both residential and commercial residents of  Long Beach.

When you are looking for a top tier local company to do your carpet cleaning, Long Beach serving The Specialist Complete Carpet Care, has everything you need.