Huntington Beach Carpet Repair Specialist

Huntington Beach Carpet Repair SpecialistComplete Carpet Care involves much more than just carpet cleaning. We can upgrade or repair all minor carpet issues and are highly experienced at most major carpet issues as well. We do Not install new carpet. We can however, recommend a few different excellent Friends of The Specialist to help you. Descriptions of our Carpet Repairs will be arriving shortly. Thank you for your patience and please contact us for more details.


  • Stretching (Knee/Power)
  • Fiber Trimming
  • Patch Installation
  • Burn Mark Removal
  • Re-Laying Carpet
  • Re-Seaming Carpet
  • Padding Replacement
  • Small Water Damaged Areas
  • Extreme Urine Damage Repair
  • Tack-Strip Installation/Replacement
  • Threshold/Transition Installation & Repair
  • All small Carpet Repair Issues








Huntington Beach Carpet Repair SpecialistMany homeowners around Huntington Beach, California use carpets in their homes.  With hundreds of patterns, cuts, and colors to choose from no wonder carpets are so popular nowadays. The softness and comfort it provides is just heavenly. It is also easier to maintain and less costly. By using the right vacuum and regular cleaning, your carpet will look as good as new.

However, there are problems that can cause the carpet to look unsightly. Pet damage can be frustrating. Dogs and cats love to scratch, claw and chew carpets. They leave ugly marks on your beautiful carpet. Sliding heavy furniture on your carpet also causes dents and ripples and ruins the beauty of the design. Carpet seams is also a problem especially when the seam is located in a high- traffic area. It will tend to fray if not properly addressed.

To fix these issues, you need the expertise of Huntington Beach carpet repair. Finding the right company to repair your carpet can be confusing sometimes. Trust only the best Huntington Beach carpet repair specialist to ensure good quality service.

To avoid further damage, have your carpet repaired as soon as possible. The Carpet Specialist can handle all of your carpet repair needs. We provide the best quality service in Huntington Beach carpet repair. Our team is always topnotch and we value our clients.

If you need expert Huntington Beach carpet repair, The Carpet Specialist is the company to call. What are you waiting for? Call us now and we will be happy to assist you!